pc蛋蛋娱乐开户: Three questions for the U.S. to address regarding furtive Fort Detrick

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由于部分居民点尚无通讯条件,工作队已经派出队员,前去了解情况。  会议听取了全国人大外事委员会主任委员傅莹作的关于审议《和引渡条约》、《中华人民共和国和关于刑事司法协助的条约》情况及决定草案代拟稿的汇报。做一件好事并不难,难的是坚持去做好事,几十年来,王建国老人走大街串小巷为人们义务理发,从未收过一分钱,也从未在理发中吃过他人一顿饭。多数韩国民众认为,大企业为总统支持的财团出资,是类似提供秘密政治资金的官商勾结行为。


By John Lee

(ECNS) -- More than four million Chinese netizens have signed a joint letter as of 3 p.m. Wednesday, demanding the World Health Organization (WHO) to send virologists, laboratory safety experts and biochemical specialists independent of geopolitics influence of the U.S. to investigate the Fort Detrick lab.

The joint signing points to unanswered questions of wide concern. In July 2019, an unexplained respiratory disease appeared in northern Virginia, while a large-scale e-cigarette disease broke out in Wisconsin. These patients shared similar symptoms with those confirmed carrying COVID-19. Coincidentally, the Fort Detrick lab was suddenly shut down in the same month by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for "national security reasons", with the department refusing to release more information since.

It's natural for people to link the e-cigarette disease with COVID-19 due to the lab’s closure and national attitude. Fort Detrick was dubbed "the center of the U.S. government’s darkest experiments" by Politico Magazine. Lab specimens of anthrax spores, the Ebola virus and other deadly pathogens disappeared from the lab in the early 1990s. Though the U.S. is trying to figure out the origin of COVID-19, why is it keeping silent on Fort Detrick? Is there something the U.S. is trying to hide?

The U.S. has been targeting China since the pandemic outbreak. It has not only questioned the conclusion drawn by WHO experts, but also ordered U.S. intelligence to look into the origin of the virus, hyping the "lab-leak" theory. People can't help asking, is this a distractive move?

While Wuhan Institute of Virology has opened its doors to the WHO and foreign media in order to support COVID-19 origin tracing, Fort Detrick has avoided all probes. What is the U.S. afraid of?

The U.S. owes the international community an explanation.


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